CSA Cooking: Baked Black Cod and Spring Greens

Images and text contributed by Chef Tim Payne

My weekly haul of vegetables from Sweet Earth Farm: “All Things Green” from hearty broccoli tops to delicate baby onions.

Spring CSA cooking

Ingredients for tonight’s Baked Black Cod: baby broccoli tops, pea shoots, asparagus, bok choy, baby onions, Meyer Lemon (from my brother’s tree in Arizona), ginger, garlic, and black cod from our Pacific Northwest waters.

Spring CSA cooking

When cooking anything in a parchment (or foil) package, the ingredients are all assembled with the most dense (i.e. longest cooking item) on the bottom and the aromatic items (in our case garlic, ginger, and lemon) on top.

Spring CSA cooking

Our finished parchment package. By carefully folding and crimping the edges a (mostly) sealed package will hold in the moisture that is released during the cooking process and naturally help steam all contents.

Spring CSA cooking

Now we bake! Place parchment package on a cookie sheet (just in case some moisture leaks). For this packet, we are baking at 425 degrees for 15 minutes.

Spring CSA cooking

It is all done now. Be careful when opening, as hot steam (if we sealed it well) will be released when opened.

This dish is easy to plate, as individual packets are usually made in single-serve portions. Just slide onto the plate and carefully open. The delicate pea shoots are place on top and everything is finished with salt to taste and a light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. Dinner is served!!

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