Dinner Menu

Week of May 17, 2022

Four Course Tasting Menu 85/75(v)

Includes one starter, one small plate, one large plate & dessert
Split Plate Charge 10/Tasting Menu Split Plate Charge 20
Wine Pairing 35
All items also available to go



Panisse 14
chickpeas, honey, nettles (vg/gf/df)

Pressed Cabbage Raab 14
goat cheese, crispy shallots, ramp oil (vg/gf/df by request)

Roasted Cauliflower 13
walnuts, preserved lemon, herbs (vg/gf/df)

Scallop 14
sticky rice, lime, butter, garlic scape (gf)


Small Plates

Braised Leeks 14
whipped goat cheese, pistachios, rice vinegar, molasses (vg/gf/df by request)

Potato Pave 14
brisket, tahini, goat cheese, collard greens, pickled mustard (gf)

Roasted Root Vegetables 14
carrots, parsnips, mole, fresh cheese, pumpkin seeds (vg/gf/df by request)

Black Cod Croquette 16
romesco, herbs, garlic scape oil


Large Plates

Gnocchi alla Romana 28
parmesan, eggplant, leeks (vg)

Matcha Soba 28
miso broth, tofu, herbs, mustard greens, radishes (vg/df)

Moussaka 30
eggplant, beef, béchamel, herbs (gf)

Goat 32
potatoes whipped with goat cheese, tomato brûlée, basil, braising jus (gf)

Steelhead 36
six-minute egg, buttered radishes, ramps, tarragon, aioli, ramp oil (gf)


Housemade Brioche 8

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