Meet Your Local Farmers: Dancing Seeds Farm

Dancing Seeds Farm at the Farmers Market

Located right here on San Juan Island, Dancing Seeds Farm is focused on growing high-quality products in a sustainable manner, producing a delicious variety of vegetables and fruits throughout the growing season. In the summer, their farm store is also overflowing with fresh-cut flower bouquets in vibrant colors.

Since its inception in 2017, Dancing Seeds Farm has changed owners twice, through Farm Manager Greg Meyer has been a constant presence. The land itself, however, has a long-standing agricultural history, as the property has been a working farm since the early 1900s.

The original owners were dairy farmers, and they provided milk to island locals. In the 1950s, the 20-acre parcel changed hands and was renamed Glad Acres. The new owners used it both as a farm and a communal living space. In the 1980s the farm was sold and turned into a bed and breakfast. During its 20 years welcoming guests to the island, the owners gardened and maintained the fruit-bearing trees.

In the early 2000s, the property sold again and was renamed Synergy Farms. The new owners Peter and Susan Corning practiced bio-intensive farming, which dates back more than 4,000 years to ancient China. Their low-impact techniques protected the island’s precious ecosystem while providing nutritious food for islanders.

Dancing Seeds Farm

These days, you’ll find Greg keeping an eye on things at Dancing Seeds as the team cultivates about two acres of mixed fruits, vegetables, cut flowers, fresh herbs, and nuts. His personal interest in agriculture started at a young age, and he still hasn’t lost that spark. It eventually led him to the work he does here on San Juan Island. He has a true passion for farming, and he loves to teach people and show them where their food comes from. Greg realized that when he would talk to colleagues or acquaintances about food production, there was a disconnect in their understanding. “It is vital,” he says, “to reconnect people back to our farming roots.” As a result, he has made community education and involvement a focus of his work at Dancing Seeds Farm.

“We have varying ideas for the farm, interests, and backgrounds in organic farming, landscaping, permaculture, business, healing, and the arts, but we all share the same goal of growing delicious food that’s good for our community using practices that are good for the earth.” — Dancing Seeds Farm

From their first crops in early spring to the last of the fall and early winter harvest, you’ll find Greg at the Friday Harbor Farmers Market every Saturday. He is always ready to show off his weekly bounty, picked just the day before, and to strike up a conversation about the farm, their growing techniques, or the seeds they use. Dancing Seeds Farm products are also available locally to the public through their Farm Store and their CSA program. Just visiting? Look to local restaurant menus, which often proudly showcase their fruits and vegetables as well — including Coho Restaurant!

Coho Restaurant believes in organic, locally grown, and seasonal food. You’ll be sure to find Dancing Seeds Farm produce on the menu, and on occasion you’ll be delighted to see the colorful flowers from their fields in the dining room.

Throughout the season you’ll find these and a variety of products from other San Juan Island farms at Coho Restaurant. We can’t wait for you to experience and savor the local bounty the islands have to offer.

Dancing Seeds chickens

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