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pile of pumpkins
Fresh at the Restaurant

Sweet Pie Pumpkins

The table designated for room-temperature local produce at our little San Juan Food Co-op is starting to overflow with colorful winter squash, including diminutive, “sweet

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Two chef's plating food at a festival table
Appetizer Recipes

Lamb Burger Recipe

Chef Bill stepped away from his kitchen during this busy summer season to do a food demonstration at the San Juan County Fair last week.

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Two chefs pose for a picture at a culinary event
Island Food News

San Juan Island Sea Salt

Salt. It is utterly simple, yet deceptively complex. Line up a collection of sea salts from different regions, and you’ll find a vast difference in

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Chef at work shelling peas
All Posts

A Lifetime of Fishing

Every time we ride the ferry, we pass by Cannery Landing, the sight of the former Friday Harbor Packing Company. Founded in the late 1800s,

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